Guest post: Bellaspire

Hi Pink Giggles readers. I am so excited to be doing a guest post today. My name is Miriam and I am one of the writers of Bellaspire, a healthy living blog that I started with my friend Whitney. My passion for health primarily comes from the energy that the lifestyle provides. As a physician assistant I see sick patients on a daily basis and this further motivates me to stay healthy!


Today I wanted to talk about the importance of being gentle on yourself. As foodies and fitness minded individuals, I find it easy (and dangerous) to slide into a trap of being too tough on ourselves. “I hate my butt” .. “I need to lose 5 pounds and then I’ll be happy” .. “I just want to be a size 4” … perhaps you’ve had similar thoughts before. One of the interesting things I’ve noticed is that we go around making rules for things all the time. Wait, why do you need to be a size 4? Where did that come from? Taking a step back to question why you’re making these rules offers a valuable perspective.

Taking care of your body with through diet and exercise is wonderful. I would argue, however, that taking care of your mind is equally as important. I would caution you against slipping into the trap of associating your entire self-worth with your body image. Our blog focuses on aspiring for beauty in all aspects of life, not just our outward appearance.

When in doubt, playing the worst case scenario game is helpful. What if I never lost those 5 pounds? Wouldn’t my family love me just as much? Would the people I work with still value me? Absolutely! I certainly am not condoning complacency, but I do think that we can sure be tough on ourselves. Over time this sort of negative thinking can take a major toll on our mental health.


So this week I would challenge you to give yourself a little bit of love!! Let up, relax, and love you for YOU!

I hope that you’ll join us on Bellaspire for more inspiration, workouts, recipes, and more! Friend us on Facebook, tweet us on twitter, pin our pins and swing on by the blog to say hello! Look forward to hearing from you!

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