Happy or Hungry

Hello friends…Remember that time I took a blogging hiatus.. only to return and assure you I was back for good…and then just disapeared again. I wanted to mentioned that I went on a little trip, and had every intention of blogging prior to leaving… I would tell you that at 11:30pm the night before I had to leave (I left at 7am) I realized my passport was 2 hours away. I would tell you that’s true but we’ve agreed never to mention that night again. And I’m back now anyways, so welcome 🙂 and thanks for bearing with me.

Today I am honoured to feature the first ever guest post on PinkGiggles. Lindsey is a fellow Canadian Blogger, who never fails to make me laugh! And truth be told, I think she would give me a run for my money in terms of being the cutest person ever.

So without further adieu *drum roll*

A GUEST POST FROM LINDSEY!! *the crowd goes wild*

Hello Pink Giggles readers!

My name is Lindsey and I blog over at Happy or Hungry.


I chose the name Happy or Hungry for my blog because I pretty much have two moods: happy and hungry.

I’m a pretty upbeat person and am generally happy most of the time, unless it has been too long since my last meal. If I let myself get too hungry, I will turn into a raging beast, so I try to eat frequent, healthy meals to keep my hunger monster (and my pants) in check.

I think Meg is pretty much the cutest person ever, and I am so excited to be guest posting for her :). I was honoured when she asked me, but at the same time I was unsure about what to write about because I recently went through a bit of a blog identity crisis and am in the process of changing my blog’s direction. I want to branch out from being just a healthy-living blog, and be more of a happy-living blog.

I am finding that a lot of newer bloggers are going through the same thing, so hopefully some of you can relate!

I started my blog almost a year ago, mainly because I love to write, and I love food, so why not write about my love of food?


I love my oatmeal. We are BFF’s.

I had discovered the healthy-living blogging community, and I decided I wanted to be a part of it. Since I was a new to the whole blogging thang, I followed in the footsteps of all the other successful healthy-living bloggers I had come across: here is what I did, and here is what I ate.

I feel like writing about my diet and workouts completely changed my habits. I learned how to create easy, healthy, balanced meals, and I learned how to get over my fear of running.

For the first time in my life I had people to be accountable to, so I wanted to live healthier and be an inspiration for other people who wanted to do the same.


This worked out for me for a while, and I was really enjoying myself. But then I started feeling a little…boxed in.

Because I had put a label on myself, I started to feel obligated to post about certain things. My blog was a hobby, but feeling obligation (from myself) started to take the fun out of it.

I didn’t only want to talk about food, workouts, and other healthy things, I wanted to write about the time I fell out of a tree and landed on my face!


Or about the time I pretended I saw the ghost of an Indian Chief in the forest.


And about the time I almost got arrested for sneaking on the subway.


(I also wanted to draw pictures :))

But I also want to share the time Walmart mixed up my photos with another family.

The healthy-eating label was a way to help me get started. It give me a direction for my blog. It had an amazing affect on my life, and it helped me to live healthier. But I don’t need it as a motivator anymore. I have changed my habits, and now I want to write about so much more. I want my blog to just be a reflection of me, and not a regurgitation of other bloggers’ recipes and workouts.

So I dropped the label. And I am so glad I did. Since changing my blog’s direction, my readership has actually increased, and people are commenting on more of my posts.

I found my blogging voice. Sure, I still talk about food and workouts sometimes, but not every day. Only if I feel like it is a reflection of me.

So if you are struggling with this yourself, here are a few tips to help you discover your own blogging voice:

Don’t try to be like the bigger bloggers. You have to stand apart. If you are creating the same meals as they are, and following their workouts, why would someone want to read about what you are doing when they are already reading about what they are doing?

Are any of us ever going to be as good of a runner as SkinnyRunner? Will we be effortlessly able to blend food with life as well as Peanut Butter Fingers? No, but this is a mistake I made in the beginning. I tried too hard to fit in.

Write about what you want to write about. Forget about your traffic, and who you think is reading. Write about what you want to write about.

Sometimes I would just post a recipe because I felt like that’s what people wanted from me. But then when I saw people reading that post I felt embarrassed because I thought it was boring and not a very good reflection of myself. I feel so much better after posting something I’m proud of.

The blog you start writing may not be the blog you write forever. My boyfriend said this to me when I first started my blog, because I told him that I had found my “thing”. I didn’t believe him. I told him healthy-living was exactly what I wanted to write about and I was going to do it forever and become successful and famous. But he was right. I ended up changing my mind. I found my true blogging voice and it was different from the one I started out with.

Read your comments, and notice what your readers are reacting to. A comment that says “Wow, everything looks delicious, thanks for posting!” is, in my opinion, a generic comment. This person is commenting just to comment, which is totally fine, but chances are they are not taking very much away from your post.

The comments I live for are the ones that ask me questions, or say I made them laugh hard. Ones that bring up something specific that I mention, and leave a sincere, heartfelt comment about it. Chances are those are the things people want to hear about from you.

And that’s all I got!

Hopefully you find something useful you can take away from my guest post, but if you want to leave a comment that says “Wow, everything looks delicious, thanks for posting!” that’s okay too :).

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