It sure has been a while..but here we are again. You’re looking good…did you change your hair? It feels nice to be blogging again. Although I spent most waking moments of the last month working in the lab. Here’s  what else I did PinkGiggles’ hiatus…

I had too much work to do and had to skip my family thanksgiving, so Monsieur Pinkgiggles made us our own gigantic thanksgiving feast.


I even encountered my first wishbone! And won obviously.


I ate a lot of frozen yogurt (but I guess that’s no different than any other month)


I spent some time here


With these weirdos…


Just kidding, we are the three best friends. But it IS important to note that I did not wear matching weirdo fishing pants like they did.

I also participated in an unsuccessful dog-napping. I’ll get you next time Peanuts!


We got our last harvest from the garden. Cauliflower for everyone!


It’s my birthday next week and I got an early gift! The same kitchen aid mixer that barbie has! What joy 🙂

I actually don’t understand these mixers….the light pink version is the exact same but $200 cheaper. I briefly considered exchanging it, but hot pink is much more my style. When I excitedly told my mom I got a mixer for my birthday she shook her head, and sadly proclaimed, “we are nothing alike.” Travesty.

Come to think of it, this actually might be Mr PG’s sneaky way of getting me to bake him more treats…


Naturally my first use of Barbie mixer was to make some pre-birthday red velvet cupcakes. Which, due to my inability to follow directions, turned out to be more along the lines of pink velvet…but that’s probably for the best anyways.


As always, thanks for joining me. I received some great supportive comments/tweets/emails on my hiatus and greatly appreciate every one of them….However,. I’ve got another favour to ask. I’ve been MIA from all things blogging…Care to share your favourite posts/recipes/workouts you’ve wrote/read this month?

Keep smiling! xo.

4 responses

  1. Sung in tune of “Welcome Back” – Mase

    Welcome back, welcome back
    Welcome back..

    Welcome back (Oh! Oh!)
    Yeah man, how you doin’ (Come on, come on, come on)
    You good? I know you like that (Yeah you good, you doin’ good)
    I know you like that (Oh!)
    How long you been back man?
    Welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome back

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