It’s wiaw

Sometimes when I write What I Ate Wednesday posts I start singing “It’s WIAW” to the tune of Gorillaz.

Good song. Good way to get through the middle of the week.

As always, check out PeasAndCrayons for more delicious and nutritious food inspiration.




I  found a free sample of nutella in my mailbox the other day. Coupled with my obsession with Great Canadian bagel makes for a sweet sweet breakfast. Though I typically like to start my day with a healthy breakfast, sometimes a little bit of chocolate is the only thing to get you through the day..

Instead of showing my lunch (which has been quite boring lately), I’ll show 2 dinners to make up for it


I bought avocados with every intention of making an avocado chocolate mousse recipe that a coworker showed me (recipe). However, I got sidetracked with OhSheGlow’s creamy avocado pasta, and never got around to the chocolate mousse. That being said, avocado pasta is super easy, quick, healthy, and deeeelicious! (click here for the recipe)

Today I arrived home from school to 5 pumpkins sitting in my kitchen. Apparently I’m not the only one with pumpkin fever. As I type, Mr Pinkgiggles is working on some pumpkin risotto and ribs for dinner. If all turns out well, stay tuned for a recipe 🙂 I have high hopes as my kitchen smells amazing

While I’m waiting for dinner, I snacked on this whipped cream filled doughnut that Mr PG surprised me with from some fancy bakery near his work. YUM!


What was the best thing you ate today?

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