Pumpkin Spice and everything nice

Happy friday sweet peas!

It’s a very special day in the giggles household. My dear manfriend bought a new car. I should mention the car has a manual transmission. It might be nice of you to wish him luck….the last (and also first) time he drove a standard car was 6 years ago. And if he screws up and stalls…it could lead to a lifetime of teasing courtesy of his lady friend (who, might I add, probably doesn’t even remember how to drive at all)

By the fact that I’ve been shivering nonstop for the last few days, I’m going to say that fall is here. And that means pumpkin spice everything.

So for some link love, I’ll share everything on  my recipe to-do list!

I can’t take the credit for finding all of these recipes. My obsession is no secret. My friends have been forwarding me pumpkin spice recipes like nobody’s business. Gosh I have the best friends. And the best obsessions. Pumpkin spice everything!!

What’s your favourite thing about fall? Pumpkin spice everything is pretty much the only thing preventing me from crying about the impending doom that is winter.

Do you know any good pumpkin recipes to share?

14 responses

  1. I love everything about the Fall season! Walking through downtown Ottawa, I’m starting to notice all the shops windows being dressed in Fall deco (beyond Starbuck’s Pumpkin Spice display)!

    Also, I can relate to the shivers – it was 5 degrees here yesterday morning! Nuts!

  2. I will admit…I have never been a fan of pumpkin. However, since everyone and their mother is all aboard the pumpkin bandwagon, I may have to jump on it. I tried Starbucks pumpkin spice latte’s last year for the first time, and I LOVED them, so I think it is time to give pumpkin a fair chance. Growing up it was always my least fave type of pie though…
    My fave thing about fall is the scent! I love the smells of fall!

  3. Let me please say that you should by all means make every single one of those pumpkin goodies you have listed– just so that I can see the pictures and eat them vicariously through the computer screen haha.

    I don’t like to bake and maybe it’s for the best– I’m sure my BMI would be a few ticks higher if I did because man oh man do I love to eat baked things. Especially pumpkin flavored things. The one thing I have managed to make that’s pumpkin spice flavored was a delicious smoothie– and I’ll probably make one again very very soon.

    Love your blog, lady!!

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