mo’ money mo’ problems

I haven’t been a good blogger. Apparently sitting in front of a microscope all day is not conducive to wanting to go home and blog. To be perfectly honest I think the only things that come from that are nausea and grouchiness. Good times.

Lookie here



Now what’s that you ask? It looks to me like a gourmet candy apple that I’m used to paying $8 for.


Ok fine, it doesn’t look exactly the same…give me some time to perfect it. Anyways, I think it looks better because I made it myself! Not to mention it costs like a dollar to make.

I like to think of myself as a smart shopper. Frugal even. But my identity is conflicted. I’d say I’m a cheapskate with a penchant for expensive things. If I buy all my groceries on sale then I can afford Burberry right?

As I’ve mentioned countless times, I’m a grad student. The Beauty (or hell) of grad school is that you have no money. I guess the silver lining of that is I’ve learned about money management and to make things myself blah blah blah, but at the same time I’m all too excited for the “real world”.

Speaking of cheapskate. New Ralph Lauren flats…regular price? $115. I paid $7.


Other inexpensive weekend fun?

Long walks enjoying the beautiful weather.

Watching the best movie of all time.

cool runnings(source)

Playing with food


Do you have an inner cheapskate? Or do you have any money saving tips?

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