Stopping in for a quick wiaw

I actually didn’t eat this delicious looking smoothie. I’ve been quite busy…you may have noticed a lack of new posts…

Luckily, one of my dearest friends must have noticed as well, and she’s got my back. My friend recreated a smoothie she had a coffee shop, and documented it for PinkGiggles!

So while this may not be what I ate for breakfast, it certainly is what I wish I had 🙂


In the blender goes: tub of vanilla yogurt, 2-3 frozen bananas, 2 heaping spoons of peanut butter, and just enough milk to get it moving.

I really wish this had been  my breakfast..

And according to an old issue of Cosmo, this smoothie combo is pretty awesome:


I tried a new flavour of tea. I wish my phone camera could have captured what the tea actually looked like.. it was sparkly, shimmery, beautiful. (I am 5 years old). It was also delicious.

David’s tea can do no wrong. Flavour: glitter and gold.


Lunch: unpictured gnocchi. Delicious, but not too exciting as it was not homemade. However, my next mission is homemade gnocchi.

For dinner? These photos are from the weekend when I crashed my parents anniversary dinner. And when I say I crashed it, I mean they begged me to come. True story.

Spinach and artichoke dip to start.


Followed by the least elegant thing on the menu. Chicken burger topped with avocado salsa and bacon, and sweet potato fries on the side. Yum!


The waitress surprised us with a little dessert to help us celebrate. Complete with 3 cookies. Hip hip hooray for 3rd wheels.


Thanks Steph for the breakfast idea 🙂

And as always go check out PeasandCrayons for more inspiration!

Best thing you ate today? Have you tried any new yummy recipes?

8 responses

  1. Cute! My parents asked my sister and I to join them for their anniversary dinner too! So sweet. YUM I just had lunch and a handful of homemade kumura fries (sweet potato fries 🙂 ) So goooood!

  2. lol that’s what i do – i have a recipe book of ‘i wish i had times’ and then inevitably end up with a sandwich… !!

    take a look at my new post i know that you’re keen on balance etc. so i just want to know what you think about sometimes NOT challenging yourself and wallowing in comfort… good idea or bad?

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