Should I be embarrassed that listening to total eclipse of the heart is the only thing that got me through my workout today?

Should I be embarrassed it was the glee version?

Should I be embarrassed that’s been happening a lot lately?

Undoubtedly, the answer to all these questions is yes.

But here are some things I’ve been loving lately that are far less embarrassing.


This stuff is gold. Seriously, though…this little jar was 8 dollars. I only bought it because it was half price. But now there’s no turning back. No other nut butter will ever compare. DELICIOUS!!


Corn season is upon us! And lucky for me I have a smart boy who knows the best farms to buy corn from around here. yum!


Maybe I should be embarrassed about this. But it sure is a nice little dessert. Peanuts, caramel sauce, and some whipped cream. Nuts are healthy….right?


I am obsessed with this game. If you have this app and want to play, add me. I’m MegPinkGiggles.

Any embarrassing confessions you need to spill? What are you loving lately?

11 responses

  1. I’ve been loving homemade granola lately, which is definitely nothing to be embarrassed about haha. Also, I think the fact that your version of Total Eclipse of the Heart is the Glee version automatically makes it non-embarrassing, because there should never be any embarrassment when Glee is involved 🙂

  2. girl, i think taytay swift is what gets me thru my workouts 99% of the time. sometimes justin bieber (did I just admit that?). And I don’ thave glee on my ipod because I haven’ tupdated it in like a year, but otherwise there would be loads of glee-lovin’ on there too…

    No shame! 😉


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