My boyfriend’s back..

I meant to blog yesterday, I really did. But then my darling man friend surprised me by coming home early from his week long portage/fishing adventure. Poor guy just missed me too much to brave the great outdoors for a moment longer. I don’t blame him; I’m cooler than a bear any day. And boy was Mr PinkGiggles in for a treat when he returned home, I’ve picked up a wicked(ly disgusting) cough. Couple that with the voice of a 13 year old pubescent boy and I’m sure my darling doesn’t regret his decision to come home early.

The moral of the story, is who knows when the heck I’ll write my next post…so you can subscribe to PinkGiggles in the box on the right, or follow me on twitter to know when there are updates.

Time for some link love!

This is so cute 🙂

I think the best thing I’ve seen this week is Chef Katelyn’s version of Vitatops: Skinny tops! Vitatops are slightly too expensive for my liking, I can’t wait to test these out.

The comments of my Kick the Habit post let me know that I’m not alone in my quest to rid myself of excess worry and stress. So hopefully my links today will be helpful for everyone!

Best posts you’ve read this week?

Are you doing anything to kick the habit? Advice or help for me?

10 responses

  1. damn straight he missed his fabbo girl! you have him very well trained 😉

    have a fantastic weekend – how unexpected too!

    pop by when you get a mo – say hello 🙂

  2. A bunch of my guy friends just got back from portaging in Algonquin, and it sounded like so much fun! That is definitely one thing I want to do. Soo cute that your lover surprised you 🙂

    Just read Susan’s post at Great Balancing Act – amazing! Made me tear up a little. I have been away from my computer all week so I haven’t really read anything, sadly. It’s catch up time!

  3. I think your Freely Be post was one of my favourites for the week – from all the blogs I read!

    Oh…and I love all of Susan’s posts too – so inspiring and honestly makes me think before I complain about X, Y, Z <– stupid things, that are nothing at all in comparison.

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