snapshots of life

Alternate title? Photos that didn’t make the cut.

Gratuitous wienie shot

iphone 056

Is this weird to anyone else?


Discovering the amazing-ness that is banana soft serve


Don’t eat this bar under any circumstances.ever.


I think a bouquet of lettuce from the garden is more romantic than flowers.


I make a great date.


Best. magazine. ever.


He’s like a model.


My newest and favourite running route


Garden beauty


I’d like to thank everyone for the positive comments on my Kick the Habit post. It means a lot to me to have so many great readers, and I appreciate each and every comment. Just knowing that I’m not alone has already helped me much better.

I think when I’m upset I bottle everything up until it consumes me and everything becomes too much. So to help me kick the habit, and be more present and positive, I’m going to make sure not to forget about my support system/my biggest cheerleaders. It’s ok to admit you are struggling with something, and I need to remember my loves want to help 🙂

A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.””-Winston Churchill

To help me bring some positivity into my life today, I met my old roommate for some frozen yogurt. (hi Jeff! <3)  Why this frozen yogurt shop isn’t always stocked with cake batter froyo, I’ll never know. Though I will admit pistachio and pineapple are a close second and third.


Two thumbs up! One for the dessert, and one for the amazing company.

Are you doing anything to kick the habit this month?

Whats your favourite flavour of frozen yogurt?


12 responses

  1. Woooo I made the blog (thanks megas)! The fro yo date was delightful. And your garden looks amazing! Props to your photography work with your model weinie (Peanuts, not Mr PG lol). ❤

  2. Why aren’t we studying by candlelight right now? I miss those days.. The modeling photos are so cute. Do you think Peanuts is sleeping his way up into Hollywood? Is that rude? We need to have a lampshade photo shoot soon. Peanuts could learn a thing or two from us.
    Miss you and remember … *sings Mama from the spice girls*

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