Link Love Friday

My daddio has a moustache. He also has bad allergies. Could they be related? I read a great article about some strange health advice.

Are we nearing a world without bananas?

Sometimes it’s tough to focus on the positives and ignore the negativity that tries to creep into your thoughts. Bird’s post on choosing positive thoughts was a good reminder for me.

I don’t know about you, but I haven’t had the easiest time getting out of bed lately. I’d love to do some early morning workouts but never seem to have the motivation. Here’s hoping for a 6am BodyPump success next week!

The Great Fundraising Act was a success and raised over $25,000 dollars. It was seriously amazing seeing so many great bloggers come together and help Susan. For more info, and how you can still contribute, click here

What were the best posts and articles you’ve read this week?

Exciting long weekend plans ahead?

See you monday lovelies.

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