New York Recap Part 2

As I mentioned Monday, there would be a second part to my NYC recap. First I should thank Gracie and Sara for offering me travel advice and insight into the real hotspots of new york.

Let’s recap in photos:

We stayed at the Hilton in the Fashion District. It was gorgeous. All the decor was related to fashion. See that picture on the wall? Made from spools of thread. There were even mannequins in the lobby that changed their outfits more often than I did.

new york 030new york 268new york 348new york 378new york 384

I wanted to eat at shake shack, but the line was insane.

new york 386new york 395

We were brave and rode the subway.

When I was younger I whined about wanting a pet monkey. So naturally when my mom saw these monkeys she got very excited, because apparently by seeing monkeys on the wall in the subway I’ve “gotten what I always wanted.” Dreams came true.

new york 399

Seeing the Plaza hotel made me wish I had a TalkBoy and my dad’s credit card.. It also gave me the confidence to think that I could defeat Joe Pesci with ease.

new york 400

Central Park is amazing! I wish I could run there every day.

new york 405new york 413

Twinsnew york 431

More twins:new york 471

new york 463new york 481

There’s no surprise in where my sudden Wicked soundtrack addiction came from. I totally recommend this to anyone who has the chance to see it. It’s easily become my favourite musical. Hilarious.

I like my new dorky hat

new york 737

I also enjoy being a dork in general.

new york 490

This picture pretty perfectly sums up the trip:

new york 488

The only thing that could have made this trip better, was if I had gotten a picture of Mama Bear and this guy:

new york 687

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