New York Recap Part 1

Last week I went to NYC for 4 days with my mama.

she's pretty

And let me tell you it was difficult to get this woman in any photos….it wasn’t a pleasure getting her to take them either.

After she took that photo she told me it was a great picture and I looked nice. Personally, I think my hair’s never looked better. Kudos photographer mama. I’m going to bring that photo to the hairdresser on my wedding day.

But seriously, we had a great time. As shopping is one of our favourite past-times, we had lots to do.

and shop we did.

We even found Peanuts with dyed hair and Norman in a shop window

Best friends

Peanuts is the family dog who lives with my parents. Norman is new! He lives with my brother’s fiance. You can meet Peanuts and Norman here and here. It’s nice to see they are still BFF in a foreign city. (This is a joke.  For those of you who know Peanuts, you know he’s far too much of a diva to get along with any other dogs.Gosh I love that little man.)

I also couldn’t believe that every car on the road was actually a cab

Well actually I could believe it. I don’t know how anyone could have the patience to drive there. It’s complete and utter chaos.

We did several tours on a double decker bus.

Uptown, downtown, brooklyn..we saw quite a bit. We had some really annoying tour guides. There were times I literally wanted to jump ship out of sheer embarrassment. (like when that weirdo man started singing on the open roof of the bus into a microphone drawing attention from street onlookers.) We also had some better tour guides. There were a lot of trivia questions that I unsurprisingly didn’t know the answers to. (Although I did know that Tribeca stands for Triangle below canal. However I think I only know that because I somehow learned it from Jay-Z.)
There are a lot of weirdos out there


People dressed up bizarrely actually terrifies me. I also haven’t been able to get various voices out of my head screaming out NYC deals such as “ICE COLD WATER ONE DOLLAR!” or “ONE DOLLAR JEWELLERY!”

driving to brooklyn

my disheveled haired twin

I even made my lookalike walk across the brooklyn bridge with me. I should also mention that I love to exercise, and it’s no secret that mama bear does not. In the 100 degree heat, walking across the bridge perhaps wasn’t my brightest idea. The man in charge of the brooklyn bridge actually never got to walk across it, he was too ill (decompression sickness or something) and his wife actually oversaw the last years of its construction. Random info brought to you by Mr PinkGiggles. Something tells me that guy would have been much better on the Trivia tourbus than I was.

Regardless of heat, this lady lived to tell the tale!

But enough about my adventure, today is the day for the Great Fundraising Act!
You can learn more here

Stay tuned for NYC Recap 2.

11 responses

  1. Ok so I just read this and just about died laughing because my sister and I had that tour guide for one of our tours that weekend and he put in these bright red sunglasses and ugly hat and started screaming (aka signing ) at the top of his lungs it was so embarrassing !!! But I do however LOVED NYC!

    • I’m glad I am not alone; people always laugh at me that I am scared beyond belief of those things. I am speechless about TGFA! I was updating my boyfriend every hour about how much they were raising. SO inspiring. 🙂

  2. Terrifying INDEED! Some great photos. Is your mother available to photograph my wedding? Just kidding, I will never be wed.

    I had the greatest granola bar by some hippie today in Kelowna… A PLUS. I am going to try and get some sort of recipe and will post if I am successful!

    Keep it real.

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