This morning I nearly melted at the bus stop. Although, I’m pretty sure most people experienced something similar…It’s hot out, we already know that. The bus however was freezing cold. I had goosebumps….I figured that it’s just my luck that I’m going to be the only person to catch a cold in this weather. Anyways, I got off the bus back into the humidity, and instantly my glasses fogged up. My hands were full so I couldn’t wipe my glasses off and I had to walk for 5 minutes with extremely fogged up glasses. I was terribly nervous that my impaired vision was going to cause a fall or injury because I’m cool like that.  How embarrassing and awkward.

Anyways, I’ve forgotten to share something very important. Look what I got 🙂


The most beautiful travel mug I’ve ever seen. And a very thoughtful gift (thanks swayze!)                  

I also forgot to share the recipe for the easy peasy meringues I made a while back


Brown sugar kisses (from cook yourself thin)
1. Beat 3 egg whites and a pinch of salt until peaks form.
2. One spoonful at a time add one cup of light brown sugar
3. Mix in 1.2 tsp of vanilla
4. I put the batter into a bag with the edge cut off and did my best to pipe the batter into cute little meringues. The book also said you can put them on a baking sheet by the spoonful, but I imagine that would look even worse than my sorry attempt at piping.
5. Bake at 225 degrees Farenheit for 75 minutes. The book said to turn off the oven after 75 minutes, keep the oven door open, and let stand in oven for 60 hour….but if you’ve learned anything about me through reading PinkGiggles, then you sure as heck know that I started eating these sweet things after 75 minutes 🙂
I think it makes close to 40 little cookies. The brown sugar gives them a great caramel-like taste. And even better, they are like 11 calories a piece!
I made my own version using 1 cup of white sugar and 1 tsp of cinnamon. They were also very delicious and quite well-received if I do say so myself .
Happy meringue baking!

Quite frankly I also forgot to write a recap of NYC…so stay tuned for that!

Stay safe in this heat!

(Sidenote: Favourite christmas movie EVER. I watch it every year…on VHS….)
Second sidenote, this heat makes me want to eat avocados morning noon and night. Does anyone have any good recipes to share?

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  1. Love the travel mug, PG! Quite official, and very much up your alley. I feel your pain with the weather… it was 45C here today with the humidex, so I can relate well to your title. Perhaps check out the recipe at the attached link for a tasty treat to beat the heat (RHYME!), although no avocados.

    If you are feeling adventurous and want avocado, then try this one (never tried it myself, but it sounds weird enough to be tasty!):

    • Those recipes look awesome! Thanks 🙂 I am so intrigued by the thought of avocado and chocolate….though it kind of reminds me about the time I printed a recipe for chocolate chip hummus but never got the courage to make it

  2. I love the travel mug – so cute! As for recipes….I’m very fond of those Vegan Carrot Spice Muffins that I found from Oh She Glows (you saw them on my blog today).

    Re: tweet about the incoming links: Google analytics and WordPress Jetpack (plugin) was suggested. I already use them both, and still am not convinced that I’m notified every single time people link to my blog (i.e.the home page). I receive e-mails about pingbacks / track backs when a specific post is linked, but not for the home page. Ggrrrr. Will investigate further; and let you know if I find anything useful.

    Happy TGIF Meg!

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