Link Love Friday


At the time you read this I will be in NYC….I hope I take lots of pictures and have lots to share 🙂

As for now? Time to spread my link love. The best of what I’ve seen online this week

  • A must-read from OhSheGlows. Tips for living in the present.
  • I drink green tea every morning. Mr PG drinks coffee. I found this list (from FitSugar) to be helpful in making sure we get the most out of our morning beverages.
  • Clean Eating thousand island dressing. I post this because I know Papa PinkGiggles is my #1 fan. And I know thousand island is his #1 dressing. So perhaps he’s got some interest in kicking it up a notch (health wise). Besides, I saw the empty container of dressing in the fridge, so he’s got no excuses.
  • Clean Eating Peanut Butter cups. Something I need to make as soon as I’m home. Although Mr PG always has something gross or weird to say every time I try and buy Medjool dates….Well I’ll show him. These PB cups will be mine! Maybe I’ll even trick him into eating them 🙂
  • Workout secrets from experts. Taglines like this get me every time. One day I’m going to be the expert. And my secret will be “stop wasting all your time online and start moving”
  • Gracie’s take on pick up lines on GirlMeetsLife. Hilarious 🙂

What are the best things you’ve seen online this week? Any good posts I didn’t get a chance to read?

Have a fabulous weekend lovies!

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