Mish Mash WIAW

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted. I really feel like it’s been forever. The last few days I have been feeling seriously sub-par…so I decided to rest up instead …. but now I have so much swirling in my head…I’m scared it’s going to come out as word vomit…

I’m at a loss of where to start.

So much to say.

Deep breath…Let’s go through the weekend….WIAW style

Thursday night Mr PinkGiggles and I saw the blueman group. It was AMAZING!! If you have a chance to see them I highly recommend it. They are so talented and hilarious.

Friday we hightailed it to my parents house…But not before dinner

I want pitha

This pizza was extra special. See that broccoli? It came from our garden! You can taste the difference. Delicious.
His and Hers frappucinos in hand…

One day I will remember to photograph before eat

Then we had to stop in some fishing store

pretty sure he's thinking how he get out of living with me so he can live in this store....

While I normally love shopping, this particular store didn’t entrall me. However, the other patrons of the store seemed to think I had some very funny jokes.  (Ok fine. 2 people laughed) (Ok fine. Maybe they laughed at me.)

what the hell are people trying to catch with this? Loch ness?

I took Mr PG on a scenic run through my parents’ neighbourhood/my old paper route.

I run so fast that I am essentially a blur

Then we met the newest member of the family

Hi I'm Norman

Later, I got to wear my favourite shoes


We went to a wedding. My first friend’s wedding, in fact. We are all growing up so fast.  It was absolutely beautiful. I cried.
On a lighter note, we learned that Mr PG does in fact dance. However, his dance moves are stuck in whatever year raising the roof was popular

By the expression on his face, we also learned he drinks more than I do.

To sum up, I now realize I took approximately 0 pictures of food. A more appropriate post title would have been What I did Friday/Saturday. Not What I ate Wednesday….

If it’s not bad enough that I can’t remember to take pictures of anything I get this picture message today

I don’t know if Mr PG is making fun of me…or rubbing it in that I suck at taking pictures for WIAW…or if he’s jumping ship and starting his own blog!! (And taking my bowl with him!) That guy’s got some nerve….

Don’t forgot to check out PeasAndCrayons where most bloggers actually take pictures of their food 🙂

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