What I ate….while my internet was broken


It sure has been a long time since I’ve done a proper post….please tell me someone still reads this (anyone? dad? are  you out there?).

This week has been flying by….it’s wednesday already!

Instead of sharing what I ate today….let’s do a photo recap of some of the great things I ate during the week my internet was broken. In true horrible food blogger fashion, I forgot to photograph most of my eats.First of all, I got to spend time with these cute people

hello friends!Also spent some time with these guys..

cute and stinky

They also share my love of all things food.

oh hiI think lobster season is upon us....Lobster on sale means I can afford it....which means I ate 100 of them.my photography skills suck


Crepes and sweet sweet deep fried churros filled with caramel…drooool

The plate wasn't full long enough for a photo to be taken..

Greek food! New obsession? Tzatziki sauce. OH MY GOD. Why hadn’t I tried it before?
As usual, lots of tea in my super cute mug

Money can't buy love, but it can buy jewellery


Another new obsession? Meringues…recipe to come. I also have become obsessed with buttercrunch lettuce…though salad never makes for a good photo.

On that note, nighty night! And be sure to check out PeasAndCrayons for more WIAW fun! ❤

What are your latest obsessions?