Some things I’ve forgotten to mention

Remember these flowers? I found them at my doorstep once I finally took the time to literally stop and smell the flowers. Imagine my surprise when I came home to Mr Pinkgiggles cutting them down. He said they were weeds. Imagine his surprise when my mom came over and said they were wild geraniums. Boom..roasted.


Mr PinkGiggles bought me a new travel mug. He said he’s searched for weeks for a pretty pink one, but to no avail. When he saw this one he said he still thought it was a “megan” colour (of course it is honey, that’s Tiffany blue.) Now I can once again have green tea every morning. Yum

I tried this fancy pasta. (Something I’ve spied on Peanut Butter Fingers). From a nutrition standpoint, it’s higher in protein and lower in carbs than traditional pasta. Although I love me some red meat, I’m always looking for other ways to get protein. Verdict? I probably wouldn’t buy it again. T’was muchos expensive and was only ok….not worth it in my “grad student on a budget” eyes.


I will never run in shorts again. I never knew running skirts existed until I started reading Runner-n-spice (Thanks Jayme!) So comfortable.

Can go straight from a run to the club. Time saver.

I am a proud mama to 3 beautiful baby fishies…piranhas to be precise. Mr PG used to have 2 piranhas until they tragically passed away a couple of months ago. His favourite was a one-eyed piranha named pirate. Can you believe we found another one eyed piranha? Welcome home pirate junior! Also, this time Mr PG said one of the fishies can be mine. Originally I wanted to name her princess but Mr PG got all worked up about how I’m wrecking his fish or something…so I think I’ve settled on the name Spike. Just because these little guys don’t know the difference between Mama and food, doesn’t mean I won’t love them to death.

my future home

I wanted to buy this castle for Spike, but it was too small for her. sigh.

Last but not least….I GOT TWITTER! I barely even know what this means….I feel like a 50 year old mom trying to be young and hip with technology. Shout out to my first follower….Gracie from Girl Meets Life. Coincidently, her blog is the first I started reading on a daily basis. When the story of my life is made into a movie it will be nice how everything falls into place. Anyways, follow me 🙂 I’m MegPinkGiggles. PS. Thanks Amanalynn for teaching me how to use this twitter thing 🙂

Adios gorgeous people!

What are your favourite things this week?

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