Link Love friday

After a tough week of work I usually get home and the last thing I want to do it turn my computer back on to blog. I think I benefit greatly from having an unplugged friday night (especially when I know saturday and sunday will be spent with school work). Besides, I can foresee a trend with future friday posts…WOOHOO I survived another week! (insert number) weeks till graduation!!!…I anticipate that will get old…very quickly..

I’ve decided to start something new. Spread some link love…share the random things I learned, or the things that helped make me smile this week.

Here we go. The first link love friday

1. Running Off the Reese’s— I recently discovered this blog. Cely is hilarious, and I can certainly relate to her workout motivation. Reese’s = heaven.

2. Just TWO Sugary Drinks A Day Can Dull Taste Buds— the headline pretty much speaks for itself….and I never want to drink pop again…

3. Eating dirt is healthy? Guess I finally found a way to save on groceries….

4. 40 calorie ice cream– Dawn (a fellow canadian) posted a delicious recipe that I definitely will be trying soon.

Care to share some links that you found interesting?

Have a good weekend beautiful people ❤ 

4 responses

  1. Love the link love – and agree that having an unplugged night is very much needed at times.

    Also – thanks for the links, I checked them out. I saw the ice cream recipe earlier on chocolate covered Katie (but loved that it was a fellow canadian bloggie who you linked too). I really need to make it – it looks so easy!

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