What I Ate Date Night

Happy what I ate wednesday everyone!

As usual, we start with breakfast.First I’ll mention that Julie posted a drool-worthy recipe for peanut butter granola. As soon as I saw it, I knew I must have it, and soon. I promptly phoned Mr PG and told him a trip to costco was neccessary as I knew I had run out oats. (Actually I think I phoned and said “your ladyfriend has a hankerin’ for some granola” )

Costco-sized oats: I know what I'll be having for breakfast for the next 14 years....

The only change I made to the recipe was adding about a tablespoon of chia seeds.And I enjoyed it on some greek yogurt this morning

Julie is a genius. This granola was amazing!

As for lunch? Not blog worthy. It did not taste good, and may have broken my magic bullet. Sigh.

As the title suggests, this is what I ate date night…I’m including dinner from the weekend when I went out with that guy I’m always talking about.

slightly blurry but you get the point

We went to our favourite restaurant. We fell in love with this restaurant last winter when we discovered their Cream of Lobster soup. Words cannot describe it. We don’t go there often as it’s a little too expensive for us, so we were quite excited.

On a date with a paparazzi

We spent a little too much time staring at our menus while snacking on some bread. We both started with the Cream of Lobster soup which was just as amazing as we remembered. He chose some duck thing for his entree (sounds delish….duck thing)

mmmm duck thing

I chose the lobster and crab risotto.

yum yum yum

We clearly had eaten too much bread and soup because after taking 5 bites of our entrees we were ready to have them packed up.  We felt pretty silly.

This is the after picture....


In my first WIAW post, I mentioned I wanted to include what I wore wednesday. Instead of what I wore….how about what I didn’t wear. Before date night I went to school for a couple of hours to get some work done and Mr PinkGiggles was going to pick me up there for dinner. What I didn’t wear? Deodorant. I had to frantically call Mr PG and make sure he brought me some. If that doesn’t make me the hottest date ever I honestly don’t know what would. Then we both managed to forget that we had to pay for parking! We remembered halfway through our meal that we hadn’t paid the parking meter. Thankfully, no ticket for us. 

Be sure to visit PeasandCrayons for more WIAW fun.

What’s your favourite dish to get at a restaurant?

18 responses

  1. My favourtie thing so far in restaurants are crab cakes…weird. I once had lobster bisque in a really upscale restaurant and it was BAD..turned me off lobster soups

  2. That is just the sweetest!!!! What a fancy date- I’m glad you enjoyed it!!
    When I was little I used to order fettuccine alfredo everywhere! Not anymore.
    and yes, you’ll be eating oats for awhile. But they’re good, right?

  3. You dinner looks DELICIOUS!!!
    I forgot to wear deodorant to work the other day and I worried allllll day that I smelled gross. I don’t think anyone noticed…but who knows?
    I saw Julie’s recipe, and yours looks amazing also! I definitely have to try it.

  4. Your internet is back running! Yahoo!

    Great WIAW post…..that restaurant looks delicious! Cream of lobster – yes please!

    Ok, you know what my favourite re-occuring prop in your posts it? The flower bowl! Sheesh – where does one get one of those things! Love it.

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