Mr Pink Giggles steals the show and some WIAW

I shouldn’t have left you in suspense about the radio debaucle with Mr PG. He thought the question the radio asked was “what is something people have 13 of?” He immediately thought the answer was freckles and moles. It makes me laugh because I can just picture him so excited and sure of himself. I almost feel bad because he was trying to win me a Glee CD. Anyways, the radio people laughed at him, and he found out the question was “something canadians have 13 times more of than americans”.

what a guy.

Last night, I had a confession to make to him. I posted his embarrassing radio story on my blog. I expected him to be embarrassed and maybe even annoyed with me. But he started laughing and confessed something to me! Turns out, 2 days ago, the SAME THING HAPPENED to him!!! The question was what do people do for 13 minutes a day. He said brush your teeth, and the radio people laughed at him but complemented his dental hygeine.

Moral of the story, who is this guy? Just so excited to win something. I think he’s the only listener to that radio station.

I hope next time we wins me something. Well, actually, I hope next time he gets it wrong again and I’m listening 🙂

Last week’s what I ate wednesday was so fun, I just had to do it again….  WIAW– I need to go grocery shopping edition.

For breakfast:

Swamp water

A smoothie with a little bit of everything: spinach, greek yogurt, chia seeds, chocolate almond milk, cow’s milk, peaches, banana, strawberries…..

I had to buy my lunch at school. I got a chicken lettuce and tomato wrap. I ended up eating with a colleague and was too shy to photograph my food. Sigh. Maybe next week I’ll get better at this WIAW thing.

I did snap a pic of part of my lunch:

This is not a baby carrot

there’s more where that came from.

Make Mr PG feel better: has anyone out there had an embarrassing moment captured on radio? tv?

11 responses

  1. There was this one song that a friend and I always talked about. We both kept saying it was our favourite song at the moment but never heard it together. We would both try to sing it to each other but of course that was a disaster because we both sucked at singing.

    Anyway, I was driving in my car following this particular friend when I decided to call into the radio station (I knew he was listening to the same station as me) to request this particular song (and this was when driving and talking on your cell phone wasn’t illegal). I got through (did I mention I’m an avid radio caller?!?!) and for the life of me could not remember the song. So I tried my lovely singing voice so the DJ knew which song I was trying to request. Well, little did I know that he would air my attempt at vocalizing my request, but this entire time I was thinking of a completely different song.

    My friend laughed at me and I was too embarrassed to get out of my car at our destination.

  2. awwwwwww so cute he was trying to win it for you!!!!! =) that’s adorable! Happy WIAW!

    ooh! do you need help on how to add a code (the wiaw button) to your posts? a bunch of other bloggers didn’t know how to do it so I figured i’d offer help if ya needed it! ❤ mwah!

  3. Too cute! I used to eat regular “big” carrots all the time when I was younger – with raisins – I was a freak…put raisins on top of carrot, munch it off..repeat layering until carrot gone…

    I thought it was healthy – but I’m guessing that was a lot of sugar right before bed natural form or not!

    Now I still LOVE baby carrots!

  4. I definitely have. There is a radio station that I listen to every morning that has a “Whaaaa Happened?” contest where you have to call in and tell a funny story. I chose to tell the FUNNIEST story I have, but it is really not a radio story. It’s too long, has too many details, and I was nervous, so I wasn’t telling it very well…
    They started making static noises and goat sounds and saying “Are you on a cell phone?!?” before hanging up on me 😦
    But your story is a cute radio story!

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