A week in review

Aloha! It sure has been a while…An embarrassingly long while. You see, I usually prefer to blog in the evening…However, falling asleep at 9pm multiple evenings in a row will really cuts into my free time. As will 16 hour days spent in a lab, go figure—I digress.

I’ve seen “a day in the life” posts popping up all over blog world. I’ll be the first to admit, my days are really not that exciting. Instead, let’s take a stroll through my week:

  1. Cirque du soleil

    I had the pleasure of sitting 3rd row centre with my main man Mr PinkGiggles for Cirque’s Quidam. AMAZING! I’d only seen one other cirque show (O in Vegas) and was nervous if this would be as good. Those people are jacked beyond belief, I felt like I wanted to go home and do 600 pushups (I didn’t). It was an amazing show and recommend it to anyone who has an opportunity to go.

    A new yogurt place opened up in my neighbourhood with the BEST flavours (cake batter, red velvet cake, pistachio). I’ve been there 3 times this week….


    These could be weeds for all I know...


  2. I’ve been so busy lately I haven’t made a point to stop and smell the flowers. I just realized today these bad boys right next to my front door. (how I managed to miss that every time I use the front door is beyond me)
  4. gigantic

     While driving home one day we saw a hot air balloon about to take off! Naturally, we pulled over. Quite a crowd had formed. I knew hot air balloons were huge but this definitely surpassed my expectations.  After watching for a while, I guess they realized it was too windy and it didn’t go up after all.


    hail chunks

     We woke up Saturday morning to a crazy thunderstorm, which soon turned into a hailstorm. Pretty big chunks of hail…for June.



    I made my first green monster smoothie that was actually green! Also, so thick it had to be eaten with a spoon. I’m really starting to worry about the health of my little magic bullet. I hope the little guy can survive all this intense use.



    I read a bit of this book. (I’m mildly obsessed with the library). I digress yet again. Did you know that peaches and nectarines are so closely related that sometimes they can be found growing on the same tree. Crazy eh.


    This may be the funniest thing I've ever seen. It's just too perfect.

    I found this picture which makes me think of Mr PG and I.

    Speaking of which– In Mr PG’s week: He heard a question on the radio, and the first caller in to correctly answer would win a prize. To him, the question seemed easy, so naturally he called in and to his surprise he got through. As soon as he spat out his answer the radio hosts burst out laughing hysterically. Turns out Mr PG misheard the question. Embarrassing. Even more embarrassing? The hosts thought it was so hilarious they aired it.

    I also managed to paint a couple of Mr PG’s toenails pink without him noticing. And when he finally did realize, it was quite hilarious. *pats self on back*

    I should also note that Mr PG didn’t help in writing his week in review. Makes sense, because I highly doubt he wants to remember these things

    See you tomorrow for What I ate Wednesday!!

    Talk to me *said in Uncle Jesse’s voice* (any full house fans out there? 8 year old me had a major crush.)

    What are some highlights of your week?

7 responses

  1. I’m pretty sure 24 year old me has a crush on Uncle Jesse.
    I’ve pulled out the ol’ blender and I’m excited to make a breakfast smoothie!

  2. Hahaha don’t leave us hanging… Please tell details of the radio mishap. Or better yet, get a recording of it from the radio station and post it lol sounds like you had a great week! Please tell me you have time for a fro yo date this week? That would be highlight-of-my-week worthy 🙂

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