What I ate Wednesday

For the first time, I am joinging the link party at PeasAndCrayons for my very first WIAW (What I ate wednesday)

B-fast. Breaking the fast.

Before it got messy

Chia seeds, Oats, and almond butter atop some 2% plain greek yogurt. I have still yet to prepare my overnight oats as Logan (the king of overnight oats) suggested to me…but in the meantime mixing it up and eating it right away is super yummy :)I also had half a mug of coffee. 4 hours of sleep makes me a grouch.


in my princess mug obv


My lunch was not photographed. I forgot. It’s my first WIAW and I’ve gone and screwed up already. I had risotto with steak, asparagus, oyster mushrooms and some parmesean cheese. I’ll say it again, I love Italian

I snacked on one of these in the afternoon


Recipe to come. It was super delicious.

For dinner,

so muchos food.

 Steak, asparagus, sweet potato. I didn’t eat all of this. I  think Ionly  finished half of the steak. I had snacked on some all natural sweet potato chips as dinner was a brewin’. It works out well because I love leftovers for lunch. Also, fun tidbit, I have become slightly obsessed with sweet potatoes. They are slightly higher in calories than regular potatoes, but they have 2x as much fiber. Just sayin’

 I also had another coffee, an oatmeal cookie, and some pineapple. To sum up, I stink at taking pictures of my food. And also, I have a voracious appetite.

I wanted to go the extra mile and add a What I wore Wednesday section. However, that went to poop. Yes, I said poop. One thing I did wear today was…. something in my eye. all day. (damn allergies). Anyways, with the constant blinking, and blurred vision, we can only assume that my outfit, as well as hairdo, had been compromised. (To be honest I prefer the word coif to hairdo, but I haven’t the faintest idea whether or not I’m spelling it correcctly). It’s safe to assume that in addition to feeling like I was in zombie mode, I looked the part.  So here’s to next week!

I think I was asleep whilst writing this, but I am super excited to have finally joined the WIAW fun!

What was the best thing you ate today?

16 responses

  1. You eat so well!! I am so angry at myself for always ruining it at the end of the day…I always end up with a giant slice of white cake – blah, anyone else would cringe – …not bad if it’s only now and then – but it’s like every night. I hate that I do that…

    Cute post though girl!

    And you are totally allowed to say p**p…tee hee hee 😉

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