My roommate has a crush on me

 I had a hot date last night…..

He's so happy to be hanging out with me


Things were going really well until he started farting every 3 minutes….

The other day, I found this really great new route to the gym. Normally it takes me 15 minutes to walk there, but I thought I’d give the new route a try this morning and see how much faster it was. When I arrived at the entrance to the short cut, I was greeted with this….

The duck should have been my first clue to turn around


If I turned around to go the longer route I was going to be late for my BodyFlow class. What a dilemma. Fortunately for me, I am the female version of Man vs Wild(this is a lie) so I decided to power through. I scaled the fence to try and bypass the swamp. I managed to get to a less swampy area, but soaked my right foot completely. Soaked my running shoe.  Soaked my sock.  But I got to the gym in 5 minutes flat so it was all worth it! (For those wishing to learn from my idiocy, I wore my dry sock with my wet shoe and still had a great run.)

I survived!

Seriously tho, my roommate has a crush on me. He’s also probably incredibly jealous about my blog and wants in on the action. Here are roomie’s version of healthified desserts from the week. A pumpkin pie mousse and chocolate bananas. If I ever remember to ask him, and if he remembers what he did…then the recipes will be coming soon!

pumpkin-y mousse




I should also mention that roommate= boyfriend. I probably have a crush on him too.

 Best eats of today? A smoothie so thick I had to eat it with a spoon. Ice cream for lunch? Yes please!



You look so beautiful today! Keep smiling 🙂

How’s your weekend coming along?

9 responses

  1. Good for you for trooping through that swamp!! Haha…the duck 🙂

    BodyFlow – of all the Goodlife classes, I’ve never taken that one before! My GLife offers yoga, so I just go to that. May have to check it out. Is it better than yoga?

    My dog (who usually lives at my parents) is staying with me this weekend. Boy, he also knows how to clear a room out!

    Hope you are having a wonderful LONG weekend!

  2. OMG I just spit out my coffee reading the second line of this post!! I know all too well b/c I have a small pup and will be rubbing his belly, everything is serene and then he starts farting and tummy gurgling. Gross.

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