Food Processor Heaven

I am going to food process everything I own.

I’ve heard about vegan ice cream for a while now. (vegan ice cream = frozen bananas in the food processor) Due to the fact that I am the self-appointed ice cream queen, I was never in a rush to try it. But after slightly too much gluttony on the weekend, I decided to give it a go to indulge my sweet tooth without ripping my pants wide open.  


Shout out to Mama PinkGiggles for always ensuring I am tres chic in the home appliance department. (this was my first time using it and I’m in love)

Seriously people, you need to get on this. It’s like magic. It’s not overly banana-y. It’s so much like ice cream. It’s like the I can’t believe it’s not butter of ice creams. I think people have been getting wind of this because when I went to the grocery store last, bananas were sold out. I’d never seen that before, and the only explanation is vegan ice cream is sweeping the nation.  Luckily my roommate is a genius. And this is the photo he sent me from a different grocery store…where bananas are probably now sold out

15 bananas


I am going to food process everything I own.

Seriously. As I was eating my fancy new treat, I thought. This is crazy, I love this and I don’t even really like bananas unless they have peanut butter on them. And then it hit me, as I ate my last bite. How did I not incorporate peanut butter into this creation!?! Sometimes I just dont have my head in the game.

I loved it enough to let it sit in my special ice cream bowl! true love.



I saw the movie Bridesmaids.  It is safe to say that it cured my several day miserable stressed out funk. Also, it’s nice to point out that Kristen Wiig is my new idol. Has anyone ever seen her SNL skit with Judy with the baby hands? It’s amazing…I should really find it online and post a link..I should also probably start watching it every day like I used to…

11 responses

  1. Any suggestion on how ripe the bananas should be for optimal flavour? I’m guessing the more ripe, the more flavour, but texture-wise it might differ?
    Also, I’ve heard frozen grapes are good as a dessert-type snack – supposed to satisfy the craving for sweetness and crunch 🙂

    • I think any banana will work to be honest. I’m no expert, but if memory serves me correctly I made mine with a mix of one super ripe and one not too ripe (I can’t remember for sure…my bananas were in the freezer for like a week). and I am definitely going to freeze some grapes 🙂 thanks for the tip ❤

  2. I have some bananas in the freezer right now..I was saving them for a green monster, but since I dont have spinach, vegan ice cream it is!

  3. Wish I had a food processor. I seriously NEED to make some but butter…
    Kristen Wiig is amazing, right?! I cannot get enough of her. I recently discovered she was in this scripted reality show Joe Schmo Show (can be found on Youtube), so hilarious!

    • I`ve heard the boys I work with talk about Joe Schmo and say its funny, but I didn`t really listen to what they had to say about it….but now that I know my homegirl Kristen Wiig is involved I`m going to watch! I love penelope on SNL! 🙂

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