Gluten Free Success!!

I love dry shampoo. To quote myself from approximately 2 weeks ago “I’m going to marry dry shampoo”.

I had been wanting to try dry shampoo for a while now…When I found dry shampoo at the store, I excitedly grabbed it up. When I explained to Mr PinkGiggles what dry shampoo was he replied, “oh great…you’ll never shower again” (That guy’s got some nerve. He thinks he’s funny or something…anyways joke’s on him because I haven’t showered since)

As the title of this post suggests, I made something gluten-free. I followed a recipe I found on a gluten free blog, and may I say, OH. MY.GOD.

First of all, the recipe is for breakfast brownies

This seems to be my signature move. Always too excited to take a nice photo


Though, I think I’d call them oatmeal chocolate bars or something. Regardless, they were delicious. I’ll post another link to the recipe, in case you haven’t clicked already. The recipe uses quinoa flour, quinoa flakes, sorghum flour, potato starch and xanthan gum, instead of flour. Even if you aren’t gluten free, these flours contain high protein, iron, and calcium (among other things) so it’s really a great situation for anyone. There’s no guilt in eating these for breakfast 🙂

And bonus. Mr PG adores them. Of course I had him try them before I told him about all the ingredients. (I made the mistake of telling him there was spinach in my smoothie before he tried it. Not smart on my part)

And what better to do on this gloomy saturday morning than read some blogs! Here are some links to some giveaways I’ve found for this weekend in the blog world. As much as I don’t want any of you to enter because I want to win, sharing is caring…so best of luck to everyone 🙂

1. Beyond bananas is giving away Peanut flour!

2. Naturally yours Beth is giving away a whole gift bag of awesome stuff

3. Dirty Dishes Daily is giving away some gear for runners

Ps. I still shower regularly

5 responses

  1. That looks absolutely delicious! A picture certainly sells a recipe! When I hear “Breakfast Brownies”, I think of some weird-looking concoction. But, man oh man are those the complete opposite of that!

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