Panic mode

This will make you smile no matter what kind of week you’ve had

The little boys reaction reminds me of Mr PG’s reaction after our first kiss 😛

I have had an incredibly stressful week, which will continue throughout my work-filled weekend. Seriously, there are not enough hours in the day.

When I am up to my eyeballs in work, I like to eat. I like to eat sweets. After waking up a couple times with a food hangover this week, my new mission is some healthified stress food.

Bizarre but yum!

Snack food 1: Roasted soybeans. Nice crunch. Only a hint of soy. High protein, high fiber, gluten free, salt free, cholesterol free….I could continue. There’s a lot going on in that little bag. By far the best flavour I’ve tried thus far is apples and cinnamon. Lovely to conquer sweet cravings.

Snack 2: Fake fro yo

A couple of small scoops of chocolate pudding mix stirred vigorously into some greek yogurt (more or less pudding mix depending on your taste) . I put it in the freezer for a bit in hopes it would become frozen yogurt-esque but I was too excited, and took it out to eat about 5 mins later. I added in some Reese’s pieces, you know, just so the chocolate didn’t get lonely, and ate it up!

PB and C love

Super tasty and packs a great protein punch!

Back to work I go. I’ve got a hot date with some statistics software. Best way to spend a friday night! (kidding *barf*)
How do you cope with stress?

17 responses

  1. I’m so sorry that you’re stressed! But it sounds like you’re handling it really well. I like how you kept the chocolate company with the Reese’s, lol!

    When I’ve been my most stressed, I like to try and tap into it. When I get super anxious, there’s no use in trying to make the anxiety go away, so I just try to go with it. I’ll turn on crazy loud music and dance. I know. Kinda lame, right? But seriously, it makes me feel so much better and then I can go back to the stuff stressing me out and feel more energetic. Flo Rida FTW!

  2. I eat my feelings and stress…i know very bad. That is such an awesome idea about the yogurt ad pudding. I love liberte but like you I would probably not wait for it. Those soybeans are delish..try the pear flavour..AMAZING

  3. I am probably the weirdest person ever, and when I’m stressed I kind of binge-eat bell peppers and carrots, and I turn orange.
    I mean, some chocolate will sneak in there too 😉 and diet soda. GRRR.

    also, i compeltely feel you on being super impatient when freezing things. I always put stuff in the freezer and then want it like 30 seconds later. Also what happens when I make chia puddings… I just want them NOW.


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