Not so Coo Coo for Coco(nut)

April showers bring May flowers, right?

I put up with the rain (and snow) for all of April but now it is May. The rain can stop now. The only way I can function and willingly leave my house in rainy weather is thanks to these badboys.


 But now, after 50,834 (I’ve been counting) days in a row, my feet are longing for different shoes. So mother nature, if you are reading, (which I’m pretty sure you are), please knock it off with the rain. Or else. *is not threatening in the slightest*

In other news, look what we’ve got sprouting in our kitchen!

soon to be veggies!

Since we are still having random frosts, we are pretty nervous to put them outside but they are just reaching towards the sun which makes me giggle. PS. when I am saying ‘we’ in this situation, I really mean Mr Pinkgiggles. (And once again mother nature, I’m warning you…) 

Something else that made me giggle: Maybe it was because I had cabin fever from reading too many scientific journal articles, or because I know how bizarre my family is. But this is what my brother sent me last night. I died. How typical. He said he was eating chips and came across a lid from a yogurt container INSIDE THE BAG. How does that even happen. HAHAHAA.

Proof I'm not the weirdest, or most food obsessed, member of the Giggles family


For a couple reasons, Mr. Pinkgiggles and I have decided to go gluten free for a while (Perhaps I shall delve into these reasons another time) But it seemed like perfect timing because I found two great bloggers did posts related to gluten today. It’s like they knew about my challenge yesterday at the grocery store/Mr PG’s non-stop sad face since yesterday morning. If you are interested in Gluten Free eating, check out what Anne and Chelsey have to say.

My first muffin recipe  was such a huge hit for Mr PG that I’ve been making him batches weekly for his on the run breakfasts. But gluten free? Not so much…Time to switch it up.

I found coconut flour at the store and was super intrigued. High fiber, high protein, and gluten free. I imagined it would make the best muffins ever, and I drooled slightly (or a lot…) just thinking about the baking to come.

Anyways, I followed my original recipe substituting my all purpose flour for cocounut flour. DISASTER!!! Seriously, what should have been a liquidy muffin batter was 100% not.

I was slightly excited for a moment and yelled “LET’S MAKE COOKIES” at which point Mr PG heard and came into the kitchen to see what the commotion was. At this point, he took over and tried to remedy the situation, because he did not want healthy cookies. He is an amazing chef, and I was frustrated with my disaster, so I sat back and became a paparazzi.

doin' work

This did not help. But we decided to bake them anyways and see what happens.

Of course, once the muffins were in the oven, I did a google search of coconut flour to find that you should use approximately 30% less flour than the recipe calls for when using coconut flour. I also found that coconut flour is often only substitiued for part of the flour a recipe calls for. And using this flour changes the cooking time. Blah blah blah.

not beautiful 😦

Both the flavour and textures were quite different than my usual muffins. Very different. I’m not sure how I feel yet about them…I’m trying to keep an open mind and I’d like to try them with a slather of almond butter before I decide for sure. Mr PG’s opinion, however, was clear from the get go. He took one bite and immediately spat it out, at which point I did this: 

Please cross your fingers for me because I’m making a gluten free dinner tonight and I’m already slightly discouraged :S

Does anyone know any delicious gluten free brands? or gluten free recipes? It would be much appreciated.

 Lots of love from both myself and Mr PinkGiggles

5 responses

  1. In my attempt to do as little work as possible at this crummy job, I did a quick google search for some gluten-free bloggies and foudn this:
    She’s got a whackload of recipes and seems to know her stuff. I hope this helps! And I’m sure you can salvage those muffins. Peanut butter makes everything better 🙂

  2. I often have kitchen disasters, I do try to eat them after….not always a good idea 🙂 Arrested Development ROCKS..cannot wait for the movie

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