It’s not easy being green

Before we get to green, I must pose a question. Who on earth takes their underwear off at the gym? More importantly rather, who takes off their underwear and BENDS OVER RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE CHANGEROOM ENTRANCE?!?!?! Like at least give me an opportunity to avoid staring directly at your naked butt, come on people!

Speaking of naked, my Sicilian Sister and I went for our first massages on the weekend. We initially found it a little weird when they led us to the same small candlelit room with 2 massage tables in it. It got a lot weirder a lot faster when the masseuse told us to take all our clothes off and didn’t give us a robe… haha, maybe you had to be there to think it was funny. What a funny weekend indeed.

I hope everyone had a great easter weekend! Even if you don’t celebrate Easter, I hope everyone spent time with family and friends. I actually woke up early on Sunday morning to bake some cute Easter cookies to surprise my family. While they tasted fine, they did not look cute at all, which was supposed to be the best part. So instead of blogging about my epic fail, I will tuck that recipe aside to try again next year….
Instead, I’ll blog about a sure thing 😉

I'm drooling

Peanut butter and chocolate. I gave up chocolate for lent (what an idiot). Truthfully, the only time I missed chocolate was when I thought about how lonely peanut butter was getting (and I thought about that approximately every minute of every day…)
These cookies are so easy to make and so amazing. Yes, they look like they belong at a Halloween party, but trust me you do not want to wait that long before you bake these.

1. 1 package Devils foodcake cake mix
2. ¾ cup peanut butter
3. 2 large eggs
4. 2 tbsp almond milk
5. 1 ¼ cups reese’s pieces
Do This:
1. Mix stuff 1-4. Mix a lot. (Sir Mix a lot). These cookies take a lot of work to mix up. You have a lot of cake mix and not a lot of liquid. I figure that the dough is so difficult to make that you are essentially burning enough calories to sneak a couple of fingerfuls of dough. It’s the only way you will have the energy to keep mixing.
2. Stir in number 5. Drop by the tablespoon on a greased cookie sheet.
3. Bake at 350 for 7-9mins.
4. Enjoy!

pb & c love

Even though I had an amazing time at home, and ate my head off, I am quite content with being back in a routine. I do not enjoy being back at work, moreso being back in my own kitchen and eating habits. Waking up with a sugary gut rot “hangover” for several days in a row gets old pretty quickly.

An important part of my morning routine at home is a nice mug of green tea. This past weekend, Pinkgiggles went on the first blog field trip. As much as I wish I had a bus that could shrink down so we could visit the satiety centre in the hypothalamus, I often forget that the general population does not care about my graduate work. My love for tea, particularly David’s Tea is no secret, so naturally David’s tea was a close second for choosing a field trip destination. My dearest Swayze strongly dislikes green tea, so I was determined to take her to David’s to find some green she’d enjoy.
Some health benefits of green tea include
• Increased metabolism
• Fight obesity and lower LDL cholesterol
• Inhibit the growth of bacteria that cause bad breath
• Boosts immune system
• Boosts mental altertness
• Green tea drinkers have lower prevalence of depression
So drink up!

4 responses

  1. Hi Meg! I’m with you on the lack of modesty issue…I thought it was just me because I’m older. I’m glad you think the same way.

    I gave up chips for Lent. We’re 3 days passed Easter Sunday and I still haven’t had any. I think I’m realizing they’re one of the things that I have a hard time controling and should just stay away from them in general. Now, chocolate…that would be a sacrifce!

    • Thanks for stopping by 🙂
      I’m the same way with chips! Something inside me doesn’t feel right until I’ve polished off the whole bag. So it’s not something I usually buy. Chocolate was very difficult to give up, and to be honest I don’t think I’d do it again 😛

  2. So I walked by a Davids Tea last night and never actually bought anything before, but after reading your post and how much you love it, I went in a bought the best green tea I have ever had!! I’m drinking it right now 🙂 Thank you! You have introduced me to a whole new world haha.

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