Pour some sugar on me

Howdy! I am writing this post from my new casa. What a lovely place; it truly is the castle to my princess (does that even make sense?). Maybe one of these days (if I ever find my camera battery charger) I’ll post some pictures as proof it’s possible to furnish a house from the clearance bin (it’s cute. I swear. Do you honestly think I’d have it any other way?).

In addition to more space, and just generally better everything, my new pad is closer to my school. Aka the (job that I love). This means I don’t need to rely on a chauffer trouble my darling boyfriend for rides there and back. I can ride to school my way. My chariot:


Ok fine, I’m not cool enough to have a pirate ship. But if you look real close you can see that my sweater is buttoned up wrong. Because THAT is how cool I am.

I have a big sweet tooth. Huge. Scratch that, I have sweet teeth. In spite of my desire for all things candy coated,I have no desire to rip my pants. (sidenote: I just saw this article saying that people who have a sweet tooth tend to have smaller waists, and weigh less than people without. So one point for me!)

Anyways, back to my sweet teeth. Maybe eating copious amounts of sugar makes me feel like a kid, reminds me of a better time, when living was easy and the ride was free. Maybe its because it reminds me how sweet I am.  Who knows what it is, but sugar was one of my first love affairs. I miss those days; there’s nothing I’d love more than to be wearing a tutu and a tiara and eating a brown sugar bowl [SIDENOTE:  When I was younger I used to eat bowls of brown sugar. Obviously when my parents weren’t looking. (I was a sneaky lil tyke)  I even remember telling some babysitters that I was allowed to do this. Honestly, why people ever believe me EVER is beyond me…must be my baby face?]

Now, I’m not much in the kitchen in terms of “meals” but my sweeth teeth made me a baker extraordinaire. However, that hobby fell to the wayside with all this university stuff I’ve been doing the last zillion years.

It’s time I rekindle my love in the kitchen because baking is therapeutic, enjoyable, and downright delish. But also because I’m sick of being outdone by Mr Pinkgiggles. Seriously, hats off to the chef for that guy.  But even more seriously, he better watch out.

Let’s start out with something easy!


I found a recipe on the blog fANNEtastic food. And these bars definitely are fantastic. I substituted honey for brown rice syrup (because I don’t even know what that is, let alone where to buy it), and I left out the pumpkin seeds and added peanuts.

Seriously amazing bars and so easy! I can’t wait to start experimenting with different nut butters and mix ins.

Keep smiling!

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