He’s got moves that put Usher to shame

I think I would hate mondays a lot less if these guys were my coworkers

Unfortunately for me that’s not the case.  Lately, work has been the worst. I keep telling myself that it’s less than a year till graduation and then I will move on to bigger and better things.

Courtesy of the advice from How to Survive (and Thrive) in a job you hate I am going to decorate my office tomorrow!

 Does anyone out there have other tips for surviving a less-than-stellar job?

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  1. Hi there I stumbled on your website by mistake when i was searching Msn for this topic, I need to express your blog is truly very helpful I also like the theme, it is amazing!

  2. Hey Megs it’s Jeff. Love the site! And also love that baby hahaha made me laugh out loud literally… As did the jellyfish bad day haha you know I’m in the same “I hate my job” club as you and this blog will definitely bring sunshine to my days 🙂 shout out to the P-man (aka pink giggles co-contributor)

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