#1 fan.

So I think I’ve found my number one fan…what a surprise…it’s my dad.  Last night, once he realized I posted an email from him, he got super excited and phoned me. He thought it was hilarious I posted something from him and thought I probably needed more of his input. Our conversation went something like this:

Dad- *laughing* I’m going to go through my email and send you some more funnies for your blog.

Me- Ok thanks…but I kind of was hoping I’d be funny enough on my own, and could post my own material…

Dad- *laughing hysterically*

Me- hello?

Dad- I’m going through my email, man do I have some funny jokes in here

Me- Ok, just send me whatever you want, I have to go finish up some work


Me- hello?

Dad- *burst of crazy laughter*

Me- hello?

Dad- Ok. I emailed you a bunch of things. For the one about cats, if the cats aren’t dancing, I’ll need to send it again, so just tell me

Me- what the hell?

Dad- *more laughter*

Me- haha, Ok i have to go….

Anyways, he also gave me a lengthy list of instructions as to what I’m supposed to do with the jokes, and what I should be posting, etc, etc. So in a nutshell pinkgiggles is pretty much run by my father now. just kidding. (tho let’s be honest, he prob wishes it was)

ps. hi dad! *waves*

Anyways, I came across this article today: http://nymag.com/news/intelligencer/shared-dislikes-2011-4/

Basically, it references an article saying that people readily connect when they have something (or a third party) to belittle or demean. Though we make friends by being nice, taking a turn for the negative (which isnt something we consider acceptable when making first impressions) shows that you instinctively trust this person, and suppose that they may feel the same. So after reading that some negative gossip could bring people closer together, I decided there’s no better way to make some blogger friends.

Here are some things I hate, and I will free my schedule at any time of day to talk bad about:

1. Water chestnuts- what’s the point? They taste like nothing.

2. The sound people make when they brush their teeth- This is my number one pet peeve. And this is why I like to brush my teeth alone. (I used to live in a house with several other girls; once when I went to brush my teeth at the same time as my roommate, she picked up my toothbrush and I realized that she’d been using it for who knows how long.)

3. When people use my toothbrush.

4. Mean people- mean people suck.

I can’t think of anything else I hate. Care to share what you dislike?

On that note, Adios amigas! 🙂

Sidenote: As I was typing this up, my dad phoned me to see why I hadn’t updated my blog yet today. haha, what a guy 🙂

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