Hello world!

In a recent meeting my supervisor told everyone that writing for 15-30 minutes a day has been proven to make people better writers. As my supervisor was talking, I thought this was a great idea; I could really benefit from getting some of my thoughts down on paper each day. So ya, I decided, sure, I’ll write a little bit every day. Little does my boss know (and I’d like to keep it this way) that my writing will not always relate to my ‘work life’. I will write what I want to write, and heck, it’s gunna be great.

So welcome to pinkgiggles– surviving the life of a 20-something while managing to keep a smile and not rip your pants

Some fears:

My blog will not be successful. What if this is only read by one person? Well then let’s call a spade a spade, I’d be so excited if someone read this! I’ll probably run right out to the nearest pre-teen accessories store and purchase a friendship necklace. So if anyone is reading this, well then you’ve lucked out. Because honey, I’m a great bff

What if I’m not funny? Sure I have caused the occasional giggle in real life, but what if my “humour” doesn’t translate on this blog… well, then I guess I can invite my new aforementioned bff over and we can giggle in real life.

Now that my fears are out in the open, I’m ready. Here we go blog world…

4 responses

  1. I have the same fears! Well, those two and more. Mad props to you for putting them out here for the blogersphere to see. You are surely inspiring and be active/healthy! Thanks for being on my morning blog read list!

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